The Rugged Premium Sportsman

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 Are you ready for your next expedition? These WindProof-Tactical Glasses are perfect for any weather! Be it a rainy or a stormy day, these glasses are not going to let you down.. 


✓ Waterproof - Withstands water up to 50 Meters!

✓ShockProof - Don't worry about dropping it 

✓Calendar - Keep track of time AND the Date

✓Backlight and stopwatch features - 

✓Multiple Time Zones - Keep track of loved ones time zones across the world

✓Military and Tactical Grade - Used by several military members

✓ Available In 6 epic colors to fit your style

✓ Quality Goods Imported 

✓ Free Shipping

✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed


22 MM watch


These glasses will not be in stock for a while, so claim yours while you can!


"I have spent so much money on watches over the years. This is the first time I bought one for under $75. I can’t believe how good this watch is... looks great, feels great and runs great! I think I’m still in shock!!"

★ -Danny S