The Murray | Limited Edition TR 90 Polarized UV 400 Tactical Sunglasses

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 Previously $139.99, now $29.99, limited time on sale and not found in stores. Limited edition.

 Are you ready for your next expedition? The Murraym, Limited Edition TR 90 Polarized UV 400 Tactical Sunglasses. There are only 80 made!

Superior Glare Protection 

TR 90 - Made out of the toughest, durable material on the market made to last.

Weather Proof

Premium comfort and silicone adjustments made for extra protection. 

Due to limited stock, only 2 allowed per person.


  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Polarizer Test Card
  • Premium Cleaning Cloth
  • Hard Protection Case


✓ 100% Polarized lens. Superior Glare protection on the water or fishing.

✓ UV 400 Proof - Great for bringing out in the sun

✓ Weatherproof - Outstands weather of any force

✓ Premium Comfort - Designed with comfort in mind, adjustable. Comes with silicone nose pads to make for long fishing outtings.

✓ Ultra-Lightweight, non-slip - Lightweight and durable. Comes with non-slip silicone on legs, to make for durable outtings

✓ Available In 4 Styles

✓ Free Shipping

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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