SOS 6 piece Emergency Supplies Kit for Car, earthquake etc--FREE SHIPPING

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This handy little 6 piece emergency supply kit really punches above it's weight.  Small enough to go with you anywhere, in your purse, bag, car, bike etc.  

Emergency Kit in a waterproof tin container. Store it in your car, or bring it with you camping. 

The Box Includes:

Multi-function pliers with led flashlight

Flint rod

Survival whistle (random color)

Multi-function tool card


Emergency Wire Saw

Multifunctional tool card:(has the following function)

Can opener

Side knife

Straight screwdriver


Bottle opener

Outside hexagonal wrench

Clyburn spanner


Direction identifier

Positioning spanner

Customers have been going crazy over this item and as such, processing and shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks.  FREE SHIPPING